Good afternoon


It will soon be bowling time – Green opens 20th April, but before then we still have some Social Events going on.


March luncheon is the 16th March, the last one of the winter lunches and I think you will all agree, that our wonderful catering team have done us proud.


Beetle Drive is the 23rd March


Working Party is the 6th April and if the weather is not kind, or there is work still to be done, then there will be another working party 13th April.


We are trying hard this year to encourage youngsters to come along and give bowling a try, and with this in mind, we have 15 Scouts trying the game on the 17th May and 30 children from Lyminge Primary School paying us a visit on the 20th May and another 30 children on the 24th May. If you are available on the 20th and 24th from 1300/1500, a few extra hands may be required, although we shall of course have their teachers there as well.


Hopefully this will coincide with our OPEN DAY which is the 27th MAY. If the children get inspired, they may encourage their parents/grand parents to give bowls a go on the Monday – we need people through the gate to make this day a success – so please encourage all to come along. As you can see, we are trying to encourage new members, so please do your best to get your friends to join.


There is also a Grand Prize Draw – draw for which will be Finals Day, we have 2 by £100 prizes, 2 tickets to Port Lympne Zoo plus, perfume, champagne, chocolates, free meals, free hair cuts for men and women and other prizes. At 50p a ticket – this is a snip – so please sell as many books as you can to your friends and neighbours.


Be seeing you soon and get limbering up for the start of the season.

best wishes