Good day to you

Yep the bowling season has started and was great to see so many of you turn out on a glorious afternoon, to play the first match of the season, Presidents v Captains.

The 6 week training sessions start on Sunday the 5th May, although a couple of people have asked to play on a Friday morning, so I will be there on the 3rd May to introduce them to bowling and welcome any others to come, that may find Sunday mornings difficult.

8th May is the start of the Weds Aggregate at 2 p.m registration no later than 1.45 p.m. 10th May, the start for the Friday Aggregate, registration 1745 for 1800 start

On Friday the 17th May we have 15 or so Scouts coming to the Club for a 'taster'. No exact time has been agreed as yet, but it probably will be around 6 p.m, which I will confirm, so if any Members are willing to come along to assist, this would be very much appreciated.

The following week on the 20th and 24th May from 1 p.m to 3 p.m. we will have total of 60 children at the Club, 15 at a time for the 4 sessions so again, if you have the time, your assistance will be appreciated. Jill Clark has very kindly agreed that we may borrow children's bowls which she has and jerry Henderson from Folkestone, who is about to be assessed for his coaching qualification, may well be there to lend a hand with some children's bowling activity targets/ideas.

The following Monday is a BIG DAY for LBC - it is our open day and Rosemary and her team, have been busy putting together some ideas for fund raising. There will also be the opportunity to give visitors a chance to 'have a go' at bowling and we hope that some of the 75 children who have already 'had a go' will get their parents/grand parents aunts/uncles to have a go too, but it is important to get people through the gates - SO PLEASE - do all you can to encourage your friends and neighbour's to come along for some fun.

Throughout the season we shall be selling raffle tickets for a Grand Draw which will be held on Finals Day. It would be fantastic if you all took a min of 5 books home to SELL. The only overheads on this is the printing costs so every ticket sold is money to the Club. Not only that, but by selling the tickets, you are drawing the attention of others to the Club and who knows, they may want to join and play.

Thank you every one - please make a massive effort to get your friends and neighbour's interested in the Club and spend some money, the Club needs some more dosh!

best wishes