Welcome to Lyminge Bowls Club 2019 - I do hope you are all well and staying away from the flu/cough bug that seems to be floating around.


The GPC are trying very hard to try and encourage new members to the Club, so with this in mind, we shall hold an OPEN DAY on the 27th May 2019 and will invite people to 'have a go' at bowling. This will be combined with crafts, cakes, tombola, book sales and any stalls/tables with items for sale which Club Members would like to offer for sale and the GPC invite any body to come forward with suggestions on any tables or craft or other items that might sell, to try and add funds to the Club's coffers.


It is understandable that not everybody will want to give all their earnings from table sales to the Club, so I am sure some arrangements can be made in this respect, be it on a commission basis or 'buying table space' or any ideas again, will be very welcome. 


The GPC are also considering a GRAND DRAW, which will depend on what sponsorship prizes we can obtain, with probably a monetary first prize, but this is in the embryo stage at present.


To combine with the Open Day, Lyminge Primary School have been invited and have accepted, that years 5 and 6 will visit the Club on the Monday and Friday afternoons, prior to the Club's Open Day. This will entail some 60 children trying the game in groups of 15 for one hour, with the hopes that not only will the children have an interest, but they will want to try again on the Monday, bringing mum and dad and maybe grand parents to the Open Day the following Monday, to all 'have a go'.


The GPC are still in dialogue with the Lyminge Parish Council over obtaining the new piece of land behind the tennis court. The agreement is getting closer and it is good to see that the Council have trimmed the trees at the end of the tennis courts, to fence height, which is the first step to seeing the fruition of this acquisition.


We do however have a problem with the east bank and many will have seen how the bank has eroded over the past few years. If this erosion is not eradicated, we may have problems with rink one and as you can see, the east fence has already begun to tilt outwards.


We are thankful that one of our Members is a Civil Engineer and is helping us with resolving this problem with the Council, who own the land. This again will not be easy, as it will cost quite a lot of money and not sure how much the Council will be able to set aside funds for this problem. We really do need to sort this matter sooner rather than later and the Club may be forced to assist in this matter, either by work force or possible financial contribution - again another reason why we need more members and raise funds in whatever fashion we can, legal of course, so again any suggestions that may assist in raising money will be very welcome.


In the meantime, may I remind you of our forth coming Social Events:


January lunch: 19th January

Quiz night      : 26th January

Darts              : 23th February

Bingo             : 2nd March

Beetle drive   : 23rd March


There will also be a Spring Social get together in March and working parties, to get the Club ready for the summer season, early in April and look out for the dates of our February and March Winter lunches. 


If you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday afternoons for a couple of hours, Short Mat is played at the Club from 2pm and you will be welcome to join in the fun,


So keep safe, keep smiling and I look forward to seeing you very soon.


With best wishes for the New Year