Hi All

This bowling season seems to have gone by so so quickly this year, but I do hope you have enjoyed your bowling.

Firstly: Congratulations to the Men’s Team that recently won the Wood Cup, first time I believe since 2011 – so well done.

Also well done to those who have made the competitive journey to the Finals, which will be played on the 7th September.

The programme for that event will be advertised later.

The Grand Prize Draw will also be held on Finals Day and stubs and money collected has been handed in, however, if you

have stubs, unsold tickets and any cash that has not been handed in, please do let me have this ASAP.

This of course does not prevent you buying more tickets, or buy a book if you have not already done so. Please let me know

if you would like to buy tickets ‘ before it’s too late’.

It is Captains Day this coming Saturday – with no formal dress code – so do come along and enjoy the game and if you have

a raffle prize, please bring this along too.

Although Aggregate games have almost finished, it does not mean that you cannot still play on a Wednesday afternoon

or Friday evening, after the Finals Day, to the end of the bowling season, the 22nd September.

If you are interested in playing Short Mat during the winter season, please do let me know, particularly if you are willing

to run the afternoon sessions.

Look out for information for the Club’s Presentation Evening, the AGM, winter lunches and the winter Social Functions

and also winter working parties.

Enjoy the rest of the season and hope to see you on the Green or in the Club very soon

best wishes