A message from your Chairman


We have had our AGM so this is the start of our next season, so welcome.


I know you haven't paid your subs yet but I am hopeful you will all rejoin for the 2019 season and pay your subs in good time.


All the club officials' reports mentioned that we do need more members so, for all of you who were not able to be at the meeting last evening, and we missed you, please please do whatever you can to encourage relatives and friends to give bowling a try next year.  We had to put the subs up again this year but, if we had an influx of new members, this would not necessarily be the case next year.


As the recent email from our Secretary stated, members were asked to think of ways we could increase our income, other than sponsorships.  An Open Day was suggested, which of course will be thoroughly discussed by the GPC - but have you got any ideas??  Please do not be afraid to put any suggestions (polite of course) to the Committee, as one idea might spark another and then we may be successful in raising a lot of money.


The club does have a reasonable short mat and, for those interested, you can play on a Wednesday afternoon.  Not so long ago we used to run short mat games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but of late only one or two people have turned up.  If you are interested please let Ann Port or myself know.  It can be fun and we are going to try to arrange a game against Lyminge and Elham short mat clubs, so we need short mat players.


Although we have tried sponsorships from various local organisations in the past, it is always worth trying others so if any of you know of any companies that may like to sponsor LBC in any way, please ask them to contact either Maggie or myself to arrange a meeting.  We can offer good advertising around the club grounds and we do get many visiting teams so advertising is not just restricted to local players.


The question of friendly matches did arise and it was noted that the games are normally played by a nucleus of the same members, so please all of you consider putting your names down next year for selection.  It is not a matter of how good you are, we want you to play and you will be surprised how your game improves when playing in friendly but competitive games.


This newsletter has basically been aimed at those who were not able to attend last evening's AGM so I am taking this opportunity to request all members to offer their help around the club when needed as it is always the same willing people who take on too many tasks.  We also need your help and bright ideas on how to make money.


Thank you.