Some 40 Lyminge Bowls Club members enjoyed a fantastic tour in Jersey from 16th to 23rd July, playing at 5 different clubs with a day free to go on an organised tour of the island.

The team travelled from Poole on the fast Cat to St Helier, which took 12hrs from club to Norfolk Lodge where a coach was available all week.

The first club had an all weather surface which was a little alien to most of us but we coped well, winning on 3 rinks but lost overall. The next 3 games went the same way, winning on 3 rinks and losing overall but the last match was a win for the club.

The tour was organised by Bill and Jean Strange who also arranged for special awards to be presented to players with highest winning shots as well as the inevitable wooden spoons.

The weather was very kind to us although far too hot on one particular day when only 16 ends were played because the temperature was 37 degrees.

All the members of the tour really appreciated the hard work that Bill and Jean did for the club and hope that another tour can be arranged in 2 years time.